Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide unmatched, transparent, services for your Real Estate Investments. We've created a fully Hands-Off experience, but flexible to your desires, from the time you purchase the first home, to the time you pass along your portfolio for generations to come. We strive to provide ease of access for Homeowners, Tenants, and Guests so you can follow along on the journey, and make it a seamless and effective one for all involved. Creating passive wealth for you is not just what we're great at, it's what gives us the opportunity to passionately serve people like you more and more in our community every day. We pride ourselves, not just on our ability to guide and teach others how to build wealth with Real Estate, but being a key piece in achieving that goal! 

Meet The Team!

Nick Teixeira

Nick Teixeira

Office Manager / Property Manager

(817) 405-9313

John Teixeira

John Teixeira


(817) 637-4658

Shanna Goodwin

Shanna Goodwin

Property Manager

(817) 320-0333

Kyle Teixeira

Kyle Teixeira

Managing Partner

(817) 939-8133

Why Choose Us?

Well, that is simple. To create more Value for your Investments and build a Long-Term Relationship with a Property Manager who cares! Trust is HUGE in this business, and there's nothing better than having someone a phone call away to help with anything you need. We are Family-Owned/Operated and Local to Mansfield. We even landed our office here Downtown on Main Street so when you come to visit us, you will experience the Historic Downtown Views. 

Teixeira Property Management holds many accolades, but what we hold dear to our hearts is the warm welcome of newfound trust and that smile from ear to ear, when you enjoy the benefits of the new lifestyle our service allows you to endure. 

Service Areas

We are located in Downtown Mansfield and we service a wide range of cities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. 

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